Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jdorama Spring 2010 previews

Tsuki no Koibito

Well, Kimutaku is coming back in the only genre he is good at which is roman dorama. Its got a harem of chicks with Shinohara Ryoko, Kitagawa Keiko and Lin Chi Ling. Guess which of the 3 chicks can't act? (hint: her initials are LCL) The last Kimutaku performance I enjoyed was Pride which was ages ago. Karei naru ichizoku and Love and Honour showed how bad he was when a role demanded depth. I'm still checking this out of curiosity and hope it nowhere as lame as Mr Brain.

Zettai Reido

I don't care how frilly Ueto Aya's hair is, there's no way she can convincing play a police seargent. Might check out the first episode but my spider sense tingles at the thought of her in a police show.

Team Batista 2

I didn't watch the first season for good reason, the movie was really good and there is absolutely no way the tv show can match Takeuchi Yuko + Abe Hiroshi. Save your time and just watch the two movies.

Rinjo 2

I liked the first series. It had police procedures that made sense and no characters trying to pose for the camera. Too bad Hatarakiman's chief is no longer in it. Sadly, no one has offered to sub it but I'll definitely get the HK dvd if it isn't.


Matsuyuki Yasuko (Suspect X) as teacher who bonds with her student who is being abused. Could be epic since its got acting talent or it could end up in mediocrity because it doesn't want to push the envelope like Aishiteru. Chances are the latter but the concept has lots of potential.


I'm gonna give it a try for Tadano Hitoshi. Its not like jdoramas are full of adult shows.

Sunao ni Narenakute

Ugghh, twitter dorama starring Eita and Ueno Juri by the writer of Orange Days. On the other hand, she also wrote Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. I would watch its a fun show like Love Shuffle but its probably going to be a show about emo characters I wouldn't care for.

Pro Golfer Hana

Could be fun. As much as I despise Kota Rosa's forehead, sports doramas are not common and as long as it doesn't suck too bad and has a couple of laughs per episode, I'll be along for the ride.

Keishicho Shissonin Sosaka

Finally Sawamura Ikki gets his chance to play the lead in a missing persons cop show. Its got Samejima and Kita Yoshio so this show won't be lacking in talent. No subber so far but this is a must try show in my book. Please don't make it a squeaky clean show like Hancho.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Sounds like the jdorama version of Karekano. Yankee guy used to be good student while the good girl used to be bad. Could be fun.

Keibuho Yabe Kenzo

The Toupee cop from Trick gets his own show! I love Trick so this is a must check out for me. HaroRangers is subbing it. Gee, how long have they been subbing Runaway?


Abe Hiroshi!!!!!! Need I say more? In a police show! Could this be Abe's Gonzo? Unfortunately, they had to fucking put Kuroki Meisa in this show. I can think of worse 'actresses' to pair Abe with so I have faith in his ability to carry doramas by himself. Its based on a novel so the story better be good. Could this be the first must watch show of 2010?

Most of the pics were stolen from which I find to be a very informative site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment! I wish we could sub Rinjo, but it's bit too much for us to cope now that our workload has become heavier.

Chase might make a good spring drama too. I never thought I'd get hooked on NHK, or for that matter, imagine that they'd make pretty good dramas that will beat the daylights out of Fuji TV, but if the first 2 eps of Gaiji Keisatsu is a gauge, they're on their way there.

And then there's Pandora 2 ... which I have to hope very hard that someone can share soon.

Anonymous said...

I dont like Narimiya Hiroki but I will definately be watching Megane-chan for Naka Riisa!

Anonymous said...

I started reading the Megane-chan manga last night and I don't think it's very good, don't have much hopes for the show

PM said...

I'm glad someone are making previews of Jdorama. Also I have the same opinion about you write, I gonna check your blog from now.