Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fumo Chitai eps 8-10

Yoshiko finally gets some happiness after pouring her heart out to Iki as he brings her to a company function. Even the politics and tension at parties is cutthroat. The tension is so thick with all the sucking up and trying to look good in front of others. Yoshiko suspects something happening between Iki and Chisato and they get into an argument. Alas the WTF moment comes when Yoshiko dies in a car accident.

Finally, I see where all the build up with Chisato is heading. Iki gets the easy way out and doesn't have to cheat on Yoshiko. After all he is Mr. Tadashi (right). I feel a sense of betrayal in that Yoshiko could have been utilised even better. As can be seen from the company function, she is well aware of office politics although Iki does not talk to her about work. I really wanted to see what she can do for Iki in terms of his work. Killing off the perfect housewife for the boring potter girl feels so cheap. There's the feeling of not being able to accept Chisato as Yoshiko's replacement. Its just way too convenient.

Never trust a woman who would sleep with her husband's killer.

Maybe its just my bias against Koyuki. I've never liked her acting and she just doesn't give me the vibe of being a woman from that era. She just looks way too 'modern'. I must admit though, they took their time to get Iki and Chisato together and the whole vase scene was written pretty good. If they had just cast someone else as Chisato it would have been pure awesome. I think they really needed an actress from the 90s like Sakurai Sachiko or Tsurata Mayu or Hirosue Ryoko who can play a 'pure' character. The only actress from the 2K era who can pull of such a character would be Aibu Saki.

Hopefully we get to see more of Beniko next season.

Now if Iki's next woman were Beniko (Amami Yuki), it would be a different story. Beniko, despite her limited screen time is probably the most developed female character in the show. She's the miserable mistress of a rich Indonesian who is never content. She is drawn to Iki because he is what her husband is not. He doesn't want to compromise despite the harsh realities that faces him and somehow she is compelled to aid him. I think deep down, she sort of hates him and wants to see him corrupted and be miserable together with her. Now that is a relationship worth exploring compared to 2D boring potter girl.

OMG, its Hans from Call Center no Koibito!

My favourite bit of Fumo Chitai is while Iki is the good guy, he's not the dumb idealistic good guy that is used in way too many doramas. He is way too stoic but his actions give hints to his thinking and emotions. He knows who his enemies are and the factions in Kinki Trading Co. He gives Satoi a peace offering and pledges his support. Satoi however, being the villain that he is has bigger plans and sabotages Iki's plans not just to get credit but also gain control of the company.

Villains united.

I salute Kishibe Ittoku as the master of playing villains. His portrayal of Noguchi sensei in Iryu is one of the most memorable villains that I've seen. He really made me hate Satoi and when the narrator said Iki realised that he would have to do things against his nature in order make his plan succeed, it was the equivalent of Aragorn saying 'lets hunt some Orcs' at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring. Its the ultimate battle cry. Iki has so far been playing it safe and not hungry for power. Now he realises that there is no way he can coexist with Satoi and steps must be taken.

I think Tabe Mikako would have made a better Kanna in 20th Century Boys.

I really hope that Iki, being the military strategist that he is, has forseen the possibility of Satoi disregarding the rules of the peace offering and has made preparations for his removal. It is time for Iki to get his hands dirty and I cannot wait to see what happens in the final two episodes of this first season.


Anonymous said...


Oh Akiramike, what more can I say? You have said it all for me. Your review is a total reflection of what I feel.

Yeah, I do not like Chisato at all. She's the silent selfish killer. She utterly got no respect for Mrs Iki at all.

Also, Koyuki's acting is so stiff, like a piece of dead wood. Yes,she is no good at all to play this role. Should have taken somebody else to play this part. Actually, I am surprised Iki could call for her.

I prefer Beniko for Iki. She would be more useful to him in his career. She is proactive and more worldly and she loves Iki too.

I think Iki will not be easily pushed down by Satoi. Finally, when forced to, he will act to protect himself.

Becoming very interesting now this drama. Let's wait and see what will happen. Can't wait for the next two episodes to screen.

Thanks Akiramike for the review.
Enjoyed reading it.

Akiramike said...

Totally agree Koyuki's acting is too stiff and just doesn't gel with Iki's stoic demeanour.