Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bloody Monday ep 5

WARNING: The following review contains a lot of cursing and swearing. Apologies for not being able to express my disgust eloquently.

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! This show just makes me want to scream in frustration. With Giragira, though there were frustrating bits, there were enjoyable parts as well. With Bloody Monday, it just gets worse and worse. Take for example the terrorists bringing Fujimaru to the cafe. For what purpose? They think he's going to willingly join them? A whole elaborate set up in a diner for the boss to show his face to Fujimaru? What sort of idiotic terrorist is J? Don't you have lots of things to do before Bloody Monday?

Fujimaru the hostage boy and his sister and Fujii Mina are hostage girls. Who hasn't been held hostage yet?

I can accept J's revelation is sort of necessary for the plot but it was an absolutely time wasting scene. Even worse is the infiltration/stand off. Where the fuck are the fucking snipers? FFS if you have cameras zooming in on J, you can have fucking snipers. Ready to shoot down terrorists who are planning to launch a viral bomb on Japan. If I were Goro's boss, I'd fire his fucking ass for his fucking incompetance. Please excuse my language as I'm just getting more pissed off as I type this.

At least we have a cute terrorist.

We're not just talking some stupid organisation who just declares they want to terrorise on a whim. They've done stuff before and proved they are a huge threat. This is suppose to be super serious, national emergency type stuff. If they didn't want to kill J just wound him. Shoot his fucking legs from across the building FFS. And the stand off. OMFG. Just shoot them already. FFS the innocent bystanders are separated from the terrorists so just shoot them to hell. WTF cares about Fujimaru's life in the compared to the threat? Or even when they pushed Fujimaru to the floor? Shoot to kill. Sort bodies later. Or when the lone terrorist shoots back and there's no Third-I to shoot back. Aren't they supposed to have their guns aimed at the terrorists.

The whole event of taking Fujimaru hostage, walking to entrance, pushing him down and solo guy firing with Third-I agents hiding doesn't make sense. Someone deserves to be shot more than J and that is whoever wrote or shot the fucking sequence of events. Third-I was standing near the entrance and all of a sudden they're hiding in the other end of the cafe. Lets not talk about the van and butterfly guy firing random shots. Third-I is the most fucking incompetant anti-terrorist squad in the world. Goro is a fuckwit and all he knows to do is to scream in everyone's earpiece.

I don't know about Ashina Sei but if I were going to a shoot out, I would at least make sure my hair doesn't get in the way of my vision.

And wtf is up with the I can't even spare 10 minutes to see my fiancee bullshit? Its not like he has got a fucking lead and even second counts. Are we suppose to fell sorry for his fucking fake I don't have time cause I'm having meetings and wallowing in self pity bullshit? WTF put Goro in charge of Third-I anyway? He has shown no leadership skills and has done nothing of note except being able to see the code in Fujimaru's sms. Even then, he failed to act in ep 4 which I grumbled about in ep 4.

Its almost as bad as Fujimaru's stupid 'why didn't you try to negotiate with terrorist' bullshit. The lame ass answer by Ikuma is worse. 'Cause Goro is fighting with himself'???!!!!!! WTF wrote that piece of shit line????? The writers need to go back to school. I was screaming at the screen. "Cause you DO NOT negotiate with fucking lying terrorists you fucking imbecile of a hacker! Cause the country's safety comes first. You want to fucking trust terrorists who want to kill everyone? Are you insane?" I just want to beat Fujimaru's stupid idiotic face up. And seriously why did Fujii Mina have to tell Fujimaru's friends about the terrorist thing? Shouldn't there be an information lockdown to prevent mass panic?

Not even Ashina Sei is special enough to save Bloody Monday.

Every good guy on this show is an idiot. If the terrorists weren't so lame with all the posturing, I would root for them. Writing about Bloody Monday is bad for my blood pressure. I can turn a blind eye to the flaws in Giragira because its a lower budget show and only had 8 episodes. But not for a big production like Bloody Monday. Someone should seriously tie the writers up and force them to watch 24, the Negotiator, Bourne and other shows with competent cops/FBI/CIA etc and see how they are suppose to act. I can't believe that one of the writers actually wrote the whole Trick series (one of my favs ever). Bloody Monday could actually end up being worse than Rondo and that's saying a lot. The more crappy cop/terrorist/action shows that Japane churns out, the higher I place Gonzo on a pedestal. SIgh, if only Harorangers continued subbing Runaway.


tUrtleAE86 said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg... it gets worse.

I wanted to infect myself with Bloody X after the 9th episode...

Jung said...

^haha so true. If you got stressed over ep5, wait til you get to ep.9 and expereince the true meaning of the phrase train wreck. It's like everybody working on the show just gave up on it.

Fujimaru being able to hack into anything from anywhere is the least of this show's problem(he could probably hack into your toilet from the Amazon jungle and make it flush itself). This show jumped the shark so many times at this point, it's hopeless.

The show should've ended after ep 4.

sparqi said...

I feel your pain Mike! Eps 1&2 were exciting, even titilating, sometimes even clever. What a spectacular fall in ep3 to Rondo depths...and judging from the review...damn it started digging to subRondo depths of disasterous painful crap.

I dont have jungs & turtles fortitude to see things through no matter how bad they get (up to ep9!)...there is ganbaru and then throwing good time away after bad...being fascinated with disaster and with rotting corpses of shows...please jung turtle stop hurting yourselves!!! heheheh

I have an antidote to bloody monday:

koi no mon

ootaaaaaaku comedy done well..I laughed alot and afterwards felt there was hope again in the world!!

can find it here:

tUrtleAE86 said...

You know, I would really get a kick out of seeing Fujimaru forgetting to hit F12 to boot off of his USB key... hahhaha

That would make my day. And maybe even make it worth watching the last episode.

Aarrrr said...

sometimes, its so bad, you just feel like watching it

Anonymous said...

Sadly the winter 2009 season seems even less promising than this one...

Akiramike said...

You guys are really sadistic for watching this show all the way to ep 9. With Rondo, all I felt was sadness at what a big waste it was but it was just a project to capitalise on the Korean actress.

Bloody Monday just makes me want to bang my head against the wall so that I can't feel the pain of watching something so abominably bad.

Spargi: Saw Koi no Mon long time ago. Only thing I can remember is using rocks/stones as art and some cosplay at the end.