Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manifest 08 28/9/08

Only took one cosplay photo today. Lots of very nice looking Misa cosplayers though. There was a group of girls doing cosplay of FF9 characters. Was too tired after lunch to walk all the way back to watch the cosplay competition. I had a decent haul of two figures and a pc accessory. :) On to the goodies:

Elwing was a steal for $65! Now she and Kureha can stand next to each other.

I think the Elwing looks best from this angle.

Took me a long time to decide whether to buy Princess Clalaclan but wtf, might as well make it 3 Shining Wind figures.

Her best view? Love the details on her hair and skirt but she's gonna be a dust magnet.

Finally a mousepad to rest my sore wrists on. I'm hoping it will improve my Starcraft but the head area needs to be bigger. And yes, the wrist rest are very soft but supple...

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sparqi said...

check out the cosplay & plastic chicks, get fresh air, exercise, talk to people -OR- finish the gonzo and maou reviews...