Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm ep 6

3 reasons I'm still watching this train wreck...

Ding dong! The cow is dead! Never before have I been so happy that an animal has died on a jdorama! If there's one element of the story that is its achilles hell is Green's mom. How much of this show is about the characters fighting and crying over one single cow. Yes, its a freaking cow ffs. 1 out of how many hundreds in the farm and out of the hundreds of thousands in Hokkaido.

Why don't you ask Akiyama-san to save the cow by cheating the owner?

Green's mom can't produce milk anymore so she's going to made into beef burger. Big boohoo. If there's one thing I hate more than idealistic characters who can't even think logically, it a show featuring a bunch of them. Is the writer of the show some sort of cow lover who doesn't eat beef? Think about how much effort the characters in the show put towards Green's mom instead of running the farm. Albeit all the other cows were happy to see Green's mom taken to the promise land. She probably thought that she was a special cow or something.

I know the scripts sucks but one day, you'll be in a dorama with a SMAP!

The decision to turn Green's mom into food is simple logic. It costs money to feed and keep her and she's useless and if the characters can't see that, they're fucking idiots. They probably think that all the meat at the butchers and supermarkets come from some magical factory or something. If those idiots visit those farms where they rear chicken/pigs/cows for meat, they'll probably die from crying.

This show is some vegetarian conspiracy to discourage people from eating beef or something. Good thing it doesn't work or else no one would eat Hokkaido beef. I'm going to have some yakiniku-don tomorrow and imagine that its Green's mom. This show needs to get away from the lame farm animal stuff and concentrate on the Kazumi-Tohei-Ayaka-Takashi-Mihoko pentagon.


Anonymous said...

Touche! I'm also watching it for the female leads, and I'm always gritting my teeth and fast fowarding the parts w/o them (the 1280 x 720p avi alleviates the pain some what).

On another topic, the finale of 'LIFE' got a 17.4 rating, a record for a late night japanese drama (the finale for the Korean drama 'Winter Sonata' got the highest rating :-P). Based on comments from various forums, this is arguably the best drama of the season, despite having no big stars, no Johnny's, and being dark and depressing. The cliche-ridden 'First Kiss' got a 12.4 rating for its finale, the lowest for a G9 drama since 'Tokyo Wankei', and the 2nd lowest on record.

Jung said...

lol hilarious write up. You're more patient than I am. I got tired of seeing these girls in the pink jump suits that hid all their goodness. It's a crime I tell you.

It's sad the only excitement in this drama comes from killing something off... like the Mom. And now the cow. Maybe they should've run with that theme, and made the second half of this show into Hokkaido Battle Royale.

That's a guaranteed 20% rating!