Friday, January 15, 2016

Why Shirobako is a must watch anime

EDIT: Had to remove all screencaps because of google stupid DMCA thing.

+ Its about a group of groups who were in their high school anime club trying to find their place in the anime field.
- I have only one complaint about Shirobako and that is why do the five girls have to have the same face when everyone else has half realistic faces?
 + Shirobako is a nitty gritty show about all the blood, sweat and tears required to make an anime.

+ From animation and CG to voice acting, Shirobako is a tutorial on the herculean effort required to make an anime.

+ Probably the thing that most impresses me is that Shirobako is actually about a realistic workplace. The main character Aoi has to learn how to manage different priorities and cope with when things don't go according to plan. Its the type of skills that are important in any workplace. I've seen too many workplace jdorama where all they do are photocopy and do a presentation.

+ The use of Roro and Mumiji to give a funny voice to Aoi's monologues and also to explain things to the audience because having a regular character do that doesn't work.

+ I love the various interested parties pushing their own agendas on who they want as the voice actresses. I would love to see a jdorama version of this.

+ Shizuka's struggle to find jobs as a voice actress.

+ It just makes the ending all the more stronger. The last two episodes were so satisfying.
+ Shirobako is a love letter to anime. Whether its old school hand painted or new school moe and CG. As long as you love anime, you will sure enjoy shirobako.

+ I can't believe how astoundingly well written Shirobako is. Of course who better than the makers of Shirobako to know what making an anime is like but to do it in such an informative and entertaining way is unexpected. There were no slow episodes for me and I was rooting for the characters all the way through.

+ Even the gloomy Daisuke makes very good points.

+ Truer words have never been spoken.

+ Shirobako is to anime what Genshiken is to doujinshi. Do not miss this! Must watch!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rec! Will you be doing your drama awards for 2015?

Akiramike said...

Yes, after I catch up on doramas from last season.