Monday, February 04, 2008

One Pound Gospel ep 1-3

When news that there was going to be a One Pound Gospel jdorama, I was elated. I had read the 1st two volumes many years ago and found them to be very fun. When I found out the main character was being played by Kame, I was devastated. Nevertheless I decided to risk my love for jdoramas and try out the series and was surprised to see that Kame isn't a bad an actor as Horikita Maki. Anyone who can't overacts in an anime based dorama doesn't deserve to be on tv.

Would it have hurt Kame to have actually cut his hair to at least try to look like Hatanaka from the manga? Where's the freaking dedication and sacrifice for your art? Oh, I forgot he is a johnny and this show is more about being a vehicle for him than capturing the magic of Takahashi Rumiko's manga.

Yes, sister Angela. I know its an idol driven industry but they still managed to nail H2.

The first two episodes were surprisingly watchable. Having watched really horrible doramas has made me appreciate the pedestrian. Ep 3 however, is a turning point for the series. It has nowhere to go but down. One important ingredient that is missing is chemistry between Hatanaka and sister Angela. Its more important as nothing really happens in the story. Their relationship never advances. Its basically the same joke told over and over again so their needs to be something to get the audience tuning in every week.

I knew what I was getting to when I stared watching this show anyway so I can't compain. If there's one quick fix which would easily make this series better, it would be for Kame to tone down his acting a notch. The manga was more similar to H2 than Ranma. Hatanaka and sister Angela have a doomed relationship. A bit more melancholy goes a long way.

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